I was drawn into Life Coaching after being a Suicide Companion for 7 years within the U.S. federal prisoner system. I’ve encountered issues that were so outrageous and tragic by some and then some others which were more minuscule, and I found a common thread in them.  People lose self-esteem and confidence, then they lose hope and direction. It’s possible to find your way back and it’s coaching is how you do that. 

Life coaching is not about dealing with your past.  Your past is handled with counseling and therapy.  This is not counseling or therapy. I’m a life-coach.

As a life coach, I help you figure out where you are at this moment and we take actionable steps to develop a forward moving plan.  Far too may times we  believe we need a possession to be happy. That is not true. I know this is not true because I found happiness a totally different way. All you need is a change of your perspective.

No matter your issue, you are more than you think. No matter the problem, you already have what you need.  No matter the obstacle, it’s not insurmountable. No matter the people in your way, or the situation that you face, you have a story.  You have a truth. You can find love. You can get a job. You can get a promotion. You can win a race, you can start a business, you can marry that person, or you can buy that house. Whatever you want to do, I can get you there.

It all begins with a plan.  Let me help you move forward.

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