John Wannamaker International led by John Wannamaker takes the best and worst parts of his life and formulates systems and events to help others not make his same mistakes; while also using his experiences to help others have greater success in life; be it marriage and family, being a young adult, making better decisions, learning from mistakes of the past, focusing on your big picture, making future plans or planning events and/or focusing on your goals with confidence.
Hello, I’m John Wannamaker.
There is no greater thing you can do for the public good, right now, than vote. If you live in Texas, I want to urge you to vote. If I could vote twice, I would, but I can’t, so I need you to vote with your heart and mind asap.
It’s important that we share our successes and our setbacks. It’s important that we support one another and pursue our ideas, dreams, goals and purpose. It’s important that we mend relationships and move on. It’s important that we train our next generation but also, secure our own futures.
Too many times, we let yesterday hold us back. Too many times we let words spoken over us or about us create a blockage in our mind. We then carry around what someone said, what happened to someone else, or what we “think,” without knowing the truth, and we allow it to stop us from pursuing someone, something or somewhere. Don’t be fooled. We are image breakers.
We break images that you hold in your mind that limit your belief. We break the images in your mind of the “What if?” We break images that you hold in your mind that keep you doing the same thing, expecting a different result. Your issue is always in what you think and we help with that through coaching, speaking events, and positive media we publish.
John Wannamaker International is dedicated to how we move forward in life, in business, in ideas. We are incubation for the mind and I want people to know that I lived.





I serve as one of the most optimistic speakers available. I have real topics and real life stories for your audience. I offer calm in a storm, motivation when you lack and new perspectives when you’re stale. I love being in front of a group of any size, helping the audience to see, feel and hear my message.

My programs and your take-away:

Hope: Without hope, there is no movement in life, or business
Your group will leave this presentation energized with notes on what they need to do next. I’m a hope dealer, when hope is hard to find.

Confidence and Failure Seeds for the CEO and small business leader.
Your group will leave this presentation knowing how to be a confident leader even after failure. How to give your business the leadership it needs.

Activated Dirt: The purpose God gave us all.
This is for Christian groups and conferences. It’s a precursor to my next book of the same title. It’s a speech about purpose and securing your purpose. If God breathed on dirt and it became a living being, you are activated dirt.

The Psychology of Selling: Breaking through sales goals in any economy.
This is for sales teams, real estate agents, brokers, loan officers and anyone who needs to sell.  It’s a psychology program that I teach on how to sell, even when the person or company doesn’t show a lot of interest.

Luxury Customer Service: Give a little and get a lot.
An excellent training program to grow and nurture the customer service team of any company, including call centers. 

Technology and Social Media:
As a former senior level programmer, your group will learn how to use technology to lift business, brands and responsiveness. I’m all about making life and business easier. This is a tutorial speech with examples. I also consult on website audits and more.

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John Wannamaker: Really Real.
A link to my podcast on Anchor. John Wannamaker: Really Real.


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